My Fist Sponsor

April 7, 2022

BY Kris Hampton

I fell hard for the Zip Hers Brand pants and shorts. It just makes going to the bathroom in my kayak so much easier. I've seen anglers get sponsors for lures and weights, but to me, there are few specific lures and weights that I would choose over another brand, with the exception of the War Eagle Brand Buzz Toad. 

I emailed the company late one evening. I explained how much I love their product and expressed that I wanted to promote their outerwear. I explained about athletic sponsorships and copyright permissions, and asked about any  affiliate programs available. To my shock and surprise, the owner of the company emailed me back!  I was over the moon. She is such a wonderful driving force who genuinely wants to improve women's lives. We set up a video meeting to go over details of what corporate sponsorship would look like.  Her company was new to affiliate programs but quickly set up a real solid affiliate program that really works well for me.  I promote it any time I can!