My second kayak bass tournament.

March 20, 2022

BY Kris Hampton

Well, I'm an expert by now, or so I thought! This was on a lake I was raised on and if I can't catch fish here, then I'm in trouble. No ramp camping for us. It was also within two hours so we just drove it. We wanted to be sure to be on time, so we drove around this lake that I know so well looking for the launch site where everyone was gonna be at. This is the time where I learned the meaning of 'Road Runner' launch. This is where you can launch from any public launch site on the approved waters. We headed to a boat ramp where I had been so many times growing up. We finally got on the water at 8. Unfortunately, we had a wedding hours away that evening, so our time fishing was going to be limited. I went to an area that I had thought would produce fish and I was right. I caught three nice ones and we headed back to shore at about noon. We sent a text of thanks for the help to a new friend and headed home pretty happy.